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2005-02-20 - 12:34 p.m.

It's a mighty fine, good day. We got up early, encouraged at the prospects of a Sunday morning dumpster dive. We scoped out five, hit three and came home with this week's recipe--potato/ broccoli/cheese soup. It's my favorite way to cook, give me the ingredients and I'll throw them together into something halfway tasty.

Here it is just a bit after noon and we've finished the soup, washed and put away clothes (many into storage for minimalism is bliss!!!), put out a fresh bale of straw for the pigs, changed the oil (that was yesterday), mended an extension cord, and I'm just good and grounded and happy. I feel like a Greg Brown song.

I love these pigs. I love these dogs (I do still yearn for one more). I love these cats (I'm a bit frightened at these numbers though, our original three has been doubled and three more have been attracted to this local. A strange looking white one with patches of brindle, a raccoon's tail and one ear, and a strange black and siamese mix, and another black one in addition to Romeo--I worry about the birds--we've stopped feeding them for fear we're putting out bait).

Besides this bit of worry with the cats, I love the animals. I feel more rooted here because of them. That I need to be here, to feed them and tend to them, and make sure they are safe. This, makes me happy and fills me with peace.

I do selfishly look forward to the day when the majority of my days are spent here, in daily nurture. To tend to the animals, the soil, the plants, the house. I envision it easily and it feels very right. There are old habits of worry or voices for the need of great accomplishments but more and more I'm happily settling into the notion that in my life I just want to be a stay at home papa bear. I think I could be damn good at it.

I feel rested. I feel like I don't need to do something (Do-Do-Do List that my mom always had around--bless her--I love my mom!) but am content in the presentness of the moment. I feel like the house is coming together, the bills are getting paid, and freedom is not far away. I'm glad to be home. Here, in love, with this melange of my family.

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